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About Us

Each piece is wheel thrown and decorated by hand, making every one unique.
Our pottery is high-fire Stoneware. It is safe for the dishwasher, oven and microwave and is completely lead free.
Our dedication to detail and craftsmanship is paramount, as shown by the bottom of each piece, which is carefully trimmed and hand signed by the artist himself. You can recognize our work by the brilliant colors we produce from our hand crafted glazes. Our most popular designs, which are hand applied, include grapes & leaves, olives and moon with stars.

Alan was introduced to pottery in 1965 while in high school. He fell in love with the feel of the clay and products he could mold with his own hands. He went on to Jr. College, then San Jose State University, each year learning more and more about clay, glazes, design and mastering the wheel. In 1990, after a career that didn’t interest him, he established the company now known today as Architectural Ceramic Design and started production work. Living in the wine country, he began production of winery related pieces for the industry.

In 1997 he met Donna, she was managing a garden center nursery and making flower arrangements. That with her past entrepreneurial business experience made a perfect union. They expanded into giftware, houseware, dinnerware, and gardenware. Working together designing new items and brilliant colors.

After the piece is thrown by Alan, Donna adds the decorations and does the finish design.

We hope you enjoy our products and hope to hear from you.

-Alan and Donna Podesto