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The Jumbo vase is great for large flower arrangements.
11" x 4" Vase - $60
This large canister can be custom designed with your choice of color and decoration to accent your kitchen's decor. Use as a set with our small and medium canisters or just as a single piece. Excellent for storing flour, sugar, coffee or what ever you need handy.
11" x 7" Canister - $60
Our pillar candle holder will hold a candle up to 3" with a saucer attached to catch ant dripping wax.
3" Pillar Candle Holder - $24
This small lantern for a votive or tea candle is available in moon & star or heart cutouts.
3.5" x 4" Lantern - $20
Vase - Small, This small vase is ideal for short stemmed flower arrangements
5" Vase - $20
This medium lantern for a votive or tea candle is available in moon & star or heart cutouts.
5.5" x 5" Lantern - $24
This small canister is excellent for small kitchen areas where space is minimal. Great for storing your flour, sugar or other staples.
6" x 6" Canister - $40
This large lantern for a votive or tea candle is available in moon & star or heart cutouts.
7" x 6" Lantern - $28
This medium canister is great for storing large quantities of frequently used staples needed for baking or cooking your favorite meals. Large mouth allows easy access.
8" x 7" Canister - $50
Tall Planter - Small, is ideal for deep rooted plants and/or bulbs.
8" x 7" Tall Planter - $40
This African violet planter is specifically designed for growing healthy African Violet Plants.
African Violet planter - $24
This countertop compost crock can match any kitchen's decor. The lid includes a standard charcoal filter to absorb and neutralize odors.
Compost Crock - $70
This cookie jar is great for keeping your cookies or snacks fresh.
Cookie jar - $60
This fermentation crock is the perfect size for home fermenting of sauerkraut, kimchi and all your family favorites. Weights included.
Fermentation Crock - $140
gardenware Flower Rings are perfect for an easy and fresh flower arrangement for any occasion.
Flower Ring - $25
Kombucha Crock This kombucha crock is the perfect size for home fermenting of teas.
Kombucha Crock - $120
The large vase is great for long stemmed roses and other tall flowers.
Large vase - $50
Vase. Medium Great size vase for Daisies and your favorite garden flowers.
Medium vase - $30
This orchid planter has holes for air. Use orchid bark for planting and gravel and water in the saucer
Orchid planter - $26
This soap dish has a unique design with holes which allow your soap to drain keeping it from getting soggy. Use in your bathroom, kitchen, or shop to keep your soap dry and handy.
Soap Dish - $24
Our sponge holder is great way to store your sponge near the sunk. This will allow your sponge to dry while not in use. Also while it drys it will prevent mold. Usually I have two sponge holder one for the dishes and the other for the counter.
Sponge holder - $18
The taper candle holder has a saucer to catch any dripping of wax.
Taper candle holder - $22
This attractive candle holder can be moved easily with the handle and the saucer will catch any drips.
Taper candle holder with handle - $24
The handle on the votive candle holder makes it easy to move from room to room. The cut outs make a reflection of moon and stars or hearts.
Votive candle holder - $24