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These are wine related products.

Carafe from our 'Wineware' This carafe is great for serving water, wine or a special beverage at your table.
Carafe - $46
Chiller from our 'Wineware' This chiller is great for parties and dinners to keep your wines or bottled beverages chilled.
Chiller - $46
Coaster from our 'Wineware' Use our wine coaster to collect the drips that run off bottles of red wine.
Coaster - $22
Dump Bucket from our 'Wineware' A dump bucket is use for disposing of wine at a wine tasting. It also make a pretty holder for kitchen utensils.
Dump Bucket - $46
wineware Serve your favorite beverages in our sturdy goblet. Can be used for more than just wine: punch, sangria, cocktails, juice, etc. Makes a very attractive presentation for desserts; perfect for puddings and ice cream. Wide base keeps the goblet from easily tipping over.
Goblet - $26
Sake Set, The sake set has 3 pieces, the server and 2 cups.
Sake set - $40